The listening of listening?

 Recursivity (GNU Not GNU) is a core element in musical composition (Freud's concept of Nachträglichkeit). Listening to music works as the retroactive assignment of meaning rather than mere deferred action, and derives the notion of ‘listening to listening’ from their combination. A dialectical conception of time is proposed, with interpretation involving three logical phases (sensation, memory, forgeting), respectively incumbent on the listening analyst, on the music and on both. The music listener speaks about music from a position dictated by his unconscious identifications, which also causes him to reinterpret the listening interpretations and his silences. By listening to the music's reassignment of meaning to his interpretations, the listener can discover the music's unconscious identifications and, together with the music, thereby facilitate the process of psychic change of listening possibilities. We contend that by the function of ‘listening to listening’ it is possible to overcome the dilemma of whether the listener with his interpretation or the music with his own reinterpretation of it by showing a recursive formulation:

Listening is the music of music.

The silence of silence? Noise, (Cage, 1968)
The noise of noise? Music, (Attali, 1986)
The art of art? Autopoiesis, (Pound, 1908)
The provability of proofs? Metasystems, (Gödel, 1931).
The computability of computation? Abstract automata, (Turing, 1936).
The control of control? Cybernetics, (Wiener, 1948).
The hierarchy of hierarchies? Holons, (Koestler, 1967).
The psychanalysis of psychanalysis? Schizoanalysis, (Guattari and Deleuze, 1968)
The distinction of distinctions? Form, (Brown, 1969).
The cycle of cycles? Hypercycles, (Eigen, 1971).
The formation of forms? Catastrophes, (Thom, 1972).
The perception of perception? Eigenbehaviour, (von Foerster, 1973).
The ordering of order? Spontaneous Social Orders, (von Hayek,1975).
The reality of reality? Communication, (Watzlawick, 1976).
The structuring of structures? Dissipative Structures, (Nicolis and Prigogine, 1977).
The organization of organization? Synergetics, (Haken, 1977).
The nature of nature? Complexity, (Morin, 1977).
The boundary of boundaries? Fractals, (Mandelbrot, 1977).
The dimension of dimensions? Fractal dimensions, (Mandelbrot, 1977).
The system of systems? Living Systems, (Miller, 1978).
The production of production? Autopoiesis, (Varela, 1979).
The loop of loops? Tangled Hierarchies, (Hofstadter, 1979).
The life of life? "La Methode” for thinking complexity, (Morin,1980).
The evolution of evolution? The self-organizing Universe, (Jantsch, 1980)

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